Various Types of Insurance

We choose the best insurance plan for you.

L&P cooperates with different world-renowned insurance companies which provide you with a diversified insurance plan to meet your needs at different stages of protection.

We provide a range of life insurance products to ensure a full protection for your family’s future.

1. Life-long Life Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance – Life-long protection for you, and guaranteed return for asset heritage
2. Term Life Insurance – You can enjoy the highest protection with economic premiums.
3. Annuity Insurance – To help you enjoy a rich retirement.
4. Bonus Life Insurance – Potential Opportunity for long term returns
5. Universal Life Insurance – For your wealth appreciation and asset heritage.
6. Bank Policy Mortgage Financing Arrangement – In addition to property mortgage loans, policy mortgage financing can also apply for overdraft quotas to banks at low interest rates. You can fully utilize the value of existing policies and make flexible turnovers for your funds.
7. Premium Financing Arrangement – You can take advantage of the bank’s low-interest loans and enjoy the same loan arrangements as property mortgages. With the least amount of self-provided money, you can have the highest protection.