Investment-linked Assurance Plan

We provide different investment-linked assurance plans, each of which has its own characteristics. You can choose the right plan for your life, whether you are planning for your home, education fund or retirement savings.

Investment-linked assurance plan is one of the options to help you achieve your goals and effectively balance your financial burden in the future. Start your financial plan as soon as possible!

Diversified Investment Options – To meet different investment needs and risk preferences during the life stages.

Multi-Currency Payment Option – Provides payment options for US Dollars, British Pounds, Euro, Hong Kong Dollars and Japanese Yen currencies.

Additional Bonus – Provides investors with additional bonuses at the initial investment stage to make investment opportunities more favorable.

Different Investment Objectives – Global selective funds are offered to cover a variety of asset classes, including stocks, bonds, energy, real estate, commodities, and other alternative funds. It comprehensively covers emerging markets and mature economies that the right combination of funds can be selected based on your risk acceptance.

Exemption of Conversion Costs – In response to market trends and market conditions, flexible conversion of investment options, and no conversion costs.

Consulting Services – Financial advisers offer professional advice.